Artist Overview

Professionally I am an Architect in Oakland California.  Architecture is my vocation and at heart I am an artist along with being a part time structural engineer when the need arises. Preceded by high school in Santa Cruz and a couple of years at Monterey Peninsula Collage, I received my 5 year professional degree in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1995.  I have been a licensed architect in the state of California since 2001 and running my own architecture firm since 2004. My professional work has primarily been single and multifamily residential work but with a keen interest in urban design, sustainability and art.

All my varied interests came together in my first visit to Black Rock City in 2006.  The experience was elating, challenging and inspiring in ways I had never experienced before. I have returned to the desert every year since and found renewed inspiration, growth and transformation each time.

Trojan Horse by Day.jpg

Trojan horse

In 2011, I got involved with my first big art project on playa the Trojan Horse.  I was the architect for the project as well as the engineer for the horse itself. Working on the Trojan Horse was a turning point for me personally and professionally.  I pushed up against, and went far beyond, what I thought my artistic limits would be and found that those limits were in fact nonexistent.  

First Home Moose.jpg

First home

In 2013, was East Bay Burner CORE project, First Home, where I was both the artist and the architect/engineer and witnessed the growth of the amazing East Bay Burner family coalescing around the project. That year we learned how building community through building art happens.


The Alien siege machine

In 2014, I rejoined my friend Dan Fox and was the architect and engineer for The Alien Siege Machine.  This project was for me a cumulative work where everything I had learned over the previous years came together in a community based collaborative work of participatory art. My most recent project was as the architectural lead for the Temple of Promise in 2015.  It was a challenging and ultimately beautiful project that left an enduring impression on the Burning Man community.